The African Queen

Tienie was inspired by the legendary queen Mantatisi of the Batlokwa tribe, who became renowned in the 1820’s for her military skills and leadership.  Like Shaka, she subjugated all the neighbouring tribes in her region (The Orange Free State around Harrismith) and spread her rule to the Southern Transvaal, Lesotho and Botswana. She was a formidable warrior with her favourite weapon, the battle axe, and her name evoked respect and fear.

I depicted her on an imaginary throne, fashioned out of a complete elephant skull.  Around the base of her throne are shields decorated with the emblem of the wild cat, because the Batlokwa tribe was called the Cat People. She is wearing her ceremonial dress with her copper neck rings and cape around her shoulders and holding her battle axe like a sceptre.

Dimensions: 640 mm high x 670 mm x 500 mm