The sculpture, modeled in 2004, depicts the events that took place in the palace of Herod Antipas in Machaerus, Palestine on Feast Day, 24th June 30 A.D. Herod was entertaining guests to celebrate his birthday. The date is inscribed on the bronze podium of the sculpture.

Salome concludes her victorious dance after receiving the head of John the Baptist on a tray with a triumphant stance, pointing her toes on the severed head of John the Baptist. The head is covered with a cape and modeled in an upright position to create a resigned and spiritual serenity for John in death.

It stands in stark contrast to Salome’s sensual and exuberant stance, which is the finale of her performance.

Dimensions: 1,47 m high x 1,085 m x 500 mm.
Edition: Series of 15